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Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Quality Guarantee for all replicas: boasts the fastest release of every single piece of blue-ribbon handbags, purses, wallets with the finest quality in handbags industry. All pictures are taken from the actual products and the camera tells almost every detail from the delicacy of material to the color of hardware, and to the lining and stitches. provides all the minutia that you are not able to get hold of on the official websites. Our initiative is to let every single image of our products speak the very truth that is dedicated to making a difference in handbags industry as well as in bag fans' life. Surely there are rooms for improvement, and there is one thing we would like to remind you: a fraction of our products displayed are not the correct version, and if you receive a different model from the pictures shown on our website, please rest assured that the delivery is the exact or closest version to the original. As a matter of fact, we have a whole professional team working on correcting mistaken duplicates and updating the right ones. You have our word that is offering the finest possible handbags on the market. Of course, in any case that you have queries about a certain product, please do feel free to contact us, as your suggestions, feedbacks and friendship are what we value most.

We guarantee the highest quality of replica bags available. We have been buying original bags and then ship to our manufactory in Asia to duplicate them. We work side by side with the manufacturers to decipher the most exact method to clone each style. If a design style is impossible to clone, rather than produce a cheap bag dissimilar in quality to the authentic, we simply won't carry that style. It is important to us to present a diversity of product, but the priority lies in quality before quantity. We guarantee our products will be of the highest quality handbags available, made of high grade materials, and with intimate care, just like the originals.

Shipping and Customs Clearance Guarantee:

When you purchase with we can assure that your shipment be sent promptly and arrive secure and intact to your door. You can track your shipment through the tracking system provided or contact our customer service via email. Each package will be cushioned against damage and wrapped to avoid high import taxes.  

Many wholesalers hesitate to do business with designer handbags online because they fear their shipment will be seized by customs. The truth is, with other online companies, this is often the case. We know that clearly as we began as customers in this business. At we have learned from other's mistakes. We guarantee that our top designer handbag copies will clear customs anywhere in the world. Confident of this, in the event that a shipment is seized or your designer handbags and wallets order is lost during shipment, we will reship once at our own expense.

No-Bargain Return for Refund or Replacement:

At LadyPurses, your satisfaction is what we strive for. We are fully confident you will be pleased with your product and the speed and quality of service. Our job does not end when you click buy. As a wholesaler as well as an individual vendor, it is our business to maintain long term relationships with clients. We are, therefore dedicated to following through with our service until full customer satisfaction is achieved. We understand that each client's needs are unique, so are ready to deal with any problems that arise.

We accept returns for exchange or refund for the following reasons:

 1. Shipping errors
2. Damaged goods 
3. Dissatisfaction

In order to return your products, send an e-mail to [email protected] and kindly include the following information:

• Your full name and the date the order was placed and received 
• A list of the product(s) to be exchanged or refunded 
• The reason for the return of the products

Then we will reply promptly and instruct you where to return your bag(s). Do not return to sender. You must contact us before returning any items in order to receive a refund or replacement.

Louis Vuitton Flore

Louis Vuitton Flore Faux Luxury Bags

The Flore bag is the latest addition to Louis Vuitton’s collection and its high-quality replica is available on our site. Most of our loyal customers have been looking for it and we’re just happy to give it to them! This is a great carry-all bag for daily use, thanks to its multiple storage compartments, roomy interiors, and braided handles coupled with a longer strap. We suggest the warm hazelnut color because it’s the perfect hue for the summer season. 

Louis Vuitton Brea Monogram Vernis

The Louis Vuitton Brea Bag

Think of the classic doctor’s bag as reinterpreted in the Louis Vuitton Brea bag and you will understand its wide appeal. The Brea has double carry handles coupled with a long detachable strap so that it can used both as a handbag and as a shoulder bag. The monogram vernis material has a soft, supple and sexy look that adds to its classy vibe while its structured shape means better organization of the things inside it. We highly recommend the Brea if you’re looking for a classic LV bag with a modern appeal.  

Goyard St. Louis

Goyard St. Louis Faux Bags

St. Louis White

We offer several Goyard bags here at Purse Valley Blog. We know that Goyard is a relatively uncommon brand of bags offered online but therein lies its appeal – it’s more exclusive than the other luxury brands. We added new colors to the existing models so that our customers will have more options, said colors of which include beige, tan, black, white, dark red, and blue, to name a few. 

Chloe Faye

Pink Chloe Faye Faux Luxury Bags

Pink Faye

We have included the Chloe Faye faux designer bags in many posts here. But we still include them because our customers love it! We added new colors to add variety to our product range but the features that make the Faye a well-loved bag remain. These features include the combo of calf leather and suede, the chic and feminine boho design, and the roomy interiors. Be sure to add the Faye to your collection ASAP!

While you may not be able to afford the original versions of these bags, you will love that you can actually afford our replica designer bags! You can even afford to buy all the bags on our list here because the prices are just so affordable yet the quality is the best you can find.