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Payment Methods

Pay for replica handbags with Credit Card, Bank Wire transfer, PayPal, Western Union or BitCoin

Credit Card Payment

LadyPurses currently accepts VISA card only.

LadyPurses reviews every order for fraud after the order is placed on our website via credit card payment. All fraudulent orders are reported to the authorities, black listed, and cancelled.

Once a successful order has been placed, and fraud verification has been conducted, the order is approved and prepared for shipment. Your credit card is only credited once fraud verification is complete and the order is changed to approved status.


LadyPurses is a China-based company, therefore please contact your bank/credit card company to remove any block on foreign transactions to ensure your payment can go through via our payment gateway. Since this will be a foreign transaction and as foreign exchange rate is concerned, the exact amount charged on your credit card may be slightly different from the order total.

Western Union Instant Worldwide Money Transfer

LadyPurses also accepts Western Union Money Transfer, this is recommended for large orders over 1000USD. And we offer extra discount for any WesternUnion order!

Customers from most countries can make payment by western union online at with credit card, they accept all kinds of credit card and US bank issued debit card.

After the payment is made through Western Union for your order, please email us the following information so that we can collect the payment and have your order processed as soon as possible:

1. Western Union Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
2. Sender's First Name
3. Sender's Last Name
4. Amount Wired Out

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