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Jil Sander is one of the German designers who contributed to the continuous improvement of the creations of in the Italian and French fashion world. Even if she did not start out with formal fashion training, she still went on to great success in the industry where she is now. She still has success in designing .

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The Cleverly-designed Twinset Bag

The Twinset bag is the newest addition to our Louis Vuitton knockoff collection from the Spring-Summer Collection. We here at Lady Purse Blog are glad to announce that both the Monogram Empreinte and Monogram Canvas are available at our site! 

What does the name “Twinset” mean? The purse has two compartments – one with a snap-button closure and another one with a zippered top. This means that the purse feels like you have two pouches in one product! But this isn’t just the best thing about it – you can also use the secret pocket located in between these two compartments. The secret pocket has a Monogram Canvas lining and a magnetic closure. 

The Twinset has compact dimensions and a light weight even when it has a few things in it. The clever structure keeps your essentials safe and secure inside the purse while the leather shoulder strap keeps it close to the body. The straps can be adjusted to make it a shoulder bag or a cross-over bag depending on the length. 

The Monogram Twinset’s front flap is made of colored soft and supple leather in three color options –black (Noir), red (Cherry), and dark red (Aurore). The exterior leather and interior microfiber lining are of the same color. 

Louis Vuitton Twinset Bag Monogram Canvas Knockoff 

The Monogram Empreinte leather bag also comes in several colors – black, light blue, light pink, and red. The microfiber lining and exterior part are also of the same color. Both versions are available at Purse Blog, too. 

Louis Vuitton Twinset Bag Monogram Empreinte Leather Replica 

Why get the Louis Vuitton Twinset? Well, it has all the hallmarks of the best Louis Vuitton bags – trendy yet with a timeless quality about it, beautiful yet so practical, and durable as well as versatile that it can be mixed and matched with many types of outfits. 

Jil Sander’s Background

She was born in Hamburg, Germany and went to school with a course studying textile engineering. After finishing her studies, she joined a student exchange program that sent her to Los Angeles, where she stayed for a few years.

After staying in the US, she worked for Petra, a German fashion magazine, as its fashion editor. She opened her own fashion company in 1987 bearing her name. She started out focusing on minimalist elegance while using luxury fabrics, but she did not gain immediate recognition then. This was because the late 1980s was all about colorful and extravagant designs and aesthetics, while she was working on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

However, the lack of recognition for her work did not discourage her, thinking how fickle the fashion world is. It was in the early 1990s that her designs began to garner attention because of the top quality materials that they use in their creations and the attention to detail that they shower in making their designs. She also came up with the “onion” type design, which uses several outfits to come up with a unified style. Jil Sander’s boutiques are also spread around the world now. Aside from bags and dresses, the label has also had success with fragrances and cosmetics. The current head designer is Raf Simons. The usual elegance and aesthetics can be found in the handbags, which are designed to match the label’s chic clothing line.

Jil Sander Bags

The large tote bags from the label may look bulky at first, but their looks are improved by the minimalist design initiated by Jil Sanders. They can be easily matched with any of the outfits created by the label or Jimmy Choo replica shoes. You can also choose from smaller pouches, handbags and clutch bags, though they are designed with more details and are marketed to be luxurious goods. 

Sanders may no longer be designing for the company after it was bought by Prada and after her disagreements with the label’s current management, but she is working on a new fashion line for a Japanese company called Uniqlo. She is likely to be a designer for a long time at the said label because of the increase in the demand of her creations. This is likely attributed to her direct approach in making luxury bags, such as hobos, totes, messenger bags, and clutch bags.

Online Shopping for Jil Sander Bags 

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She continues to practice ascetic designing and minimalism, which make her designs more in demand. If you like these types of bags, you can just go online to order them. Jil Sander’s bags are often functional and aesthetically impressive at the same time. But if you do shop online, be careful of Jil Sander replica bags because there are some sellers that pass off their replicas as discounted genuine bags. This is why you need to research about the website first before buying from it. There are still online sellers that have genuine Jil Sander bags on seasonal sale. 

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