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What I see as the latest trends in fake Luxury Bags

With every New Year that comes also brings with it new trends in fake luxury bags. Here are our suggestions about the best replica luxury bags that will work well with the latest trends in fashion from clothes to shoes, jewelry and personal accessories. Take a look and be amazed at the possibilities. 

This will be a great year for trends in fashion, indeed! The designers always appear to have their creative drive and, thus, always comes up with new designs year in, year out for their annual collections. The runways being the best places to showcase the trends for the next fashion season, let’s take a look at the trends for the year and the types of bags that will match them. 

The best thing about this years trends is their contrasts and diversity. This means that you will find something that will fit your personal style to a T. 

Suede Skirts

Retro is the theme, especially the fashion from the 1970s, and it looks like it will continue for many more seasons. The suede items are an integral part of the trend and we must say that these look great! When you wear a pair of suede boots or a suede skirt, we suggest pairing it with a suede bag. 

Celine Suede Luxury Bags

We strongly suggest the Celine Mini Luggage, a bag made of a combination of suede and black leather. This is such a gorgeous bag suitable for mixing and matching with several ensembles, with or without suede in them. 

Spanish Influences

Spanish Trends In Style with Sarah Jessica Parker

There are several high-end fashion designer brands with strong Spanish influences or inspirations in them. We can mention Dolce and Gabanna, Proenza Schouler, Diane Furstenberg, and Michael Kors, among others. Their influences are expressed in several ways, such as feminine flounces reminiscent of flamenco dancers, vibrant red shades, and flower prints.  

Saint Laurent Cassandre Tassel . The right pairing for a clothes-and-shoes ensemble with strong Spanish influences is the Saint Laurent Cassandre clutch. This is a red clutch with the right details to emphasize the vibrant beauty of a Spanish-inspired outfit.  


Trend in Slip Dresses

Rosie Huntington Slip Dress. Despite being launched a few years ago, the slip dress trend still has juice left in it. Clothes inspired by lingerie are leaving the boudoir and strutting down the runways, on the streets and even on the red carpet – with the appropriate covering, of course. These are characterized by sultry dresses with soft materials like silk, satin and lace that grace the feminine curves so sexily. 

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Belle De Jour. A feminine delicate dress matches perfectly with a delicate bag – and we suggest the Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Belle De Jour. The silver clutch has delicate details coupled with a sexy silhouette.  

Trends Altuzarra Spring. Orange is a color that appears many times on the runways for good reasons – it’s such a vibrant color that evokes sunsets on the beach, fragrant citrus groves, and dynamic lives. Yes, orange is a flashy color but it’s a wearable one even among the more timid amongst us. The trick is wearing as much or as little orange as your personal style allows.  

Hermes Constance Bag Orange. Start with an orange-hued bag like the Hermes Constance Bag Orange. You don’t have to wear an orange outfit, if it’s too much for your senses to handle, since the Hermes bag will take care of it. This bag isn’t as popular as the Kelly and Birkin, both of which are iconic bags, but it’s an elegant choice, nonetheless. 

The year’s trends are all easy to wear, as well as designed with interesting details. But to make your ensemble complete, be sure to pair it with the best in replica handbags. We at Purse Blog offers the best in fashion accessories including replica luxury handbags and you will not be disappointed with our collection.  

The LV Clutch

A clutch is designed to be carried in your hand without a shoulder strap. Some  have a thin shoulder strap that can be tuck away or removed .Genarally the desginer cultshs are  made in  Silk Fabric with heavy handwork and  in Beadwork,

The LV Evening Bags

A dazzling collection of evening bags in silk fabric Art Leather with attractive Hand work.Here is no way to look finished unless you have a great evening bag

The LV Mobile Covers

Increase the value of your mobile keeping  them in  mobile cover made by silk fabric with very nice handwork.

Gucci Blooms Backpack

Yet another must-have in our new collection is the Blooms backpack by Gucci, a new addition to the brand’s collection with a natural theme. This bag features bright splashes of colors from the flower blossoms printed on the monogram canvas –truly, a feminine backpack suitable for the modern woman. Plus, it’s a trendy bag for this season so it’s a great idea. 

Imitation Jwellery

Exquisite designs of imitation jewellery.High quality and colorful Stone Used in every design Heavy range in Victoria sets.

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