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Every lady deserves a few luxury purses to carry on different occasions and this is the place you can have all your princess dreams come true. Shop for luxury designer handbags at Lady

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Welcome to Lady Purses Co. handbags the home of unique designer handbags. All our handbags and jellwery are desgined by our best designers and  we pride ourselves on our handbags made only in limited numbers or one of a kind.

Lady Purses Co. was established in 2005 quickly making a name for itself in high fashion handbags and fashion accessories. Lady Purses Co. are single handily breaking through the mainstream fashion trends by creating fantastic handmade handbags and handmade jellewry. All our fashion jellwry and unique handbags are designed and created using rarely seen techniques used to create every twist and curve of these truely beautiful handbags.

"Every handbag is a timeless creation which is closer to art than a handbag"

Lady Purses Co. now offer wholesale handbags to carefully selected shops and boutiques, please enquire us for a good business and nice relationship

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The LV Clutch

A clutch is designed to be carried in your hand without a shoulder strap. Some  have a thin shoulder strap that can be tuck away or removed .Genarally the desginer cultshs are  made in  Silk Fabric with heavy handwork and  in Beadwork,

The LV Evening Bags

A dazzling collection of evening bags in silk fabric Art Leather with attractive Hand work.Here is no way to look finished unless you have a great evening bag

The LV Mobile Covers

Increase the value of your mobile keeping  them in  mobile cover made by silk fabric with very nice handwork.

Imitation Jwellery

Exquisite designs of imitation jewellery.High quality and colorful Stone Used in every design Heavy range in Victoria sets.

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